"At Least You'll Be Married to a Doctor"

About the Book

Medical school is hard.  Between the near constant studying, the hours of clinical work, and the stress of staying caught up, a med student often does not have time left for sufficient sleep, leisure, or enjoyment.  Medical school consumes a med student’s time and energy as well as his mental and emotional capacities.  This makes getting through medical school challenging for any med student.  If a med student also happens to be in an intimate relationship, the situation can become even more complicated.


Pulling from her spouse’s experiences with the medical training process as well as from her professional mental health background, Jordyn Paradis Hagar takes you on a step by step journey through the realities of managing an intimate relationship during medical school.  She addresses both the med student’s overwhelming reality as well as the unique and often overlooked experience of a med student’s significant other.  From adapting to the initial difficulties that medical school can produce in a relationship, through to the ultimate realization of a healthy and balanced relationship, “At Least You’ll Be Married To A Doctor” describes in detail the process of creating and maintaining a healthy relationship during medical school.  The reader will leave this book with a strong understanding of the experiences that many med school relationships encounter and the tools needed to manage them along the way.

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Each year, new medical students begin their journey through medical training.  Many medical students have significant others who work hard to support them through the challenges of the training years.  “At Least You’ll Be Married To A Doctor” offers support and help for both med students and significant others who are not just along for the ride, but who are invested in the health of their relationship.  Download the book flier, post it in the Medical Education office or library, hand it out at orientation and auxiliary meetings, and help other medical students and their significant others to navigate the roller coaster ride of medical school!